I’d do anything for LOVE, but I won’t do that…

Dear Customers:

We need to reconnect to who we set out to be. A time when things were simpler. My mind jumps back to the November day in 2004 at Bread Stuy when my husband was so excited that I made brioche and was handing them out to random people on Lewis Avenue. “We baked bread!” So, with that spirit in mind, we are rededicating ourselves to bread.

We have always been the kind of people that see a need and try to fix it. Being of the neighborhood for almost 20 years, we have struggled like you to find something to eat, certain times, certain days, so we tried to fill that gap. But running a restaurant is not really where our hearts are. It still needs to be done, and we’ve been successful, but it’s not what we are aiming to ultimately do.

To our loyal customers who have stuck with us, rediscovered us, been here day in and day out, to the staff who has worked to make this place hum, to the friends and family who have supported us morally, financially, and by being our honest sounding board…. thank you. We cannot thank you enough.

This is not a goodbye. This is a rededication to our initial dream and goal of giving skills to those that many deem unteachable. We want to bring our breads to more people in the community… spreading the love, if you will. We will be closing for about a week and coming back with our hearts open and ready to connect. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


Bread Love

Hillary, Lloyd, and MacLemore Porter