Spread Love during the holidays…

Hey everyone, it’s been a minute since our last posting, and as many have seen we are changing our space slightly to prepare for inclimate weather.  Folks are making their holiday plans… let us help you.  Bring a loaf of your favorite bread, brioche dinner rolls, foccacia, or scones to your holiday get-together. A limited amount will be available without reservation, but it’s best to pre-order.





Getting Bready for Fall….

Since opening, Bread Love has been working on some funtime events, in addition to working out our own kinks. More details to come! In the meantime, block out these dates on your calendars.

Sunday, September 13th: Pig Roast Dinner w Bed Stuy Fresh & Local

Sunday, September 20th: NextdoOrganics End of Summer Celebration

Bread Love is open 8am-930pm daily except Sun 9am – 6pm.  Come through for breakfast, lunch, dinner or weekend brunch.

1933 Fulton Street (@ Howard Ave) , Brooklyn, NY  11233

Call for daily specials & pickup (347) 405 – 9654

Yes! we are a Nextdoorganics CSA pickup location!

Yes! we are also a KeyCafe!

Ask about space rental for parties and party packages, too!


With Love from Weeksville… Sept 20-Oct 12

Bread Love Weeksville is an urban farmstand located at Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, New York. We are dedicated to bringing farm fresh and locally produced food items to the table in partnership with OKO Farms.

Come to Weeksville Heritage Center from 12 to 6pm Friday through Sunday to celebrate the opening of #FunkGodJazzMedicine with us.  In addition to serving refreshments, Bread Love will host a series of Sunday Dinners, as an introduction to our Bread Love Supperclub from 2-6pm each Sunday on the Weeksville farmland. The events will include Alabama Joe’s Barbeque (9/21), Jerk Chicken & Fish Fry (9/28), Pig Roast (10/5) and Seafood Boil (10/12).

Local musicians and DJs will also be featured including: the Hollands, featuring Jannina and John-Paul Norpoth,www.HOLLANDSSS.com, and more!

Alabama Joe’s BBQ grills: www.drumgrills.com/

#FunkGodJazzMedicine by Creative Time

Bread Love misses Bread Love too!

It’s been a rough summer, we have been scouring real estate looking for a new location and haven’t found anything yet.  We have run into many of our customers & friends during the summer and we thank you for your continued encouragement and support.   The right space will come to us when it is ready. We continue to have hope and promise to keep you posted about upcoming events and/or sales.

In the meantime, GUESS WHAT?!

We will be vending at the 4th annual Audre Lorde Project’s Bed Stuy Pride Festival at Von King park.  Look for us there, selling refreshments and savory items on Sunday, September 7th.

Bread Love will also be selling our wares at Weeksville Heritage Center during Creative Time’s Funk God Jazz and Medicine exhibition that takes place Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Sept 20th to October 12th. Have you checked out the new digs? It’s beautiful! We have been longtime supporters of Weeksville and hope this is the start of something even bigger.  Anyway, lots of music, art & workshops will be present at Weeksville as well as exhibits at 3 other locations (including our former home now called Stuyvesant Mansion). We will have an espresso/coffee bar, cold refreshments, quick pick munchies and some hot meals as well. Stop by and say “Hello!”

In the meantime, please continue to support your local small businesses in the nabe.

Bread Love: Closed due to fire!

Yes, sadly it’s true.  Bread Love was a victim of arson and the space was almost totally gutted.  Freebrook Spaces experienced some damage as well, displacing most of it’s occupants at least temporarily.  What’s most important is that there was no loss of life including the fish, which were relocated and the ginger attack cat.  :) Oh! and amazingly, Hillary’s cookbooks survived although they are slightly toasted.

So many of you, friends new and old, have reached out during this time and we greatly appreciate it.  We Porters have put a lot of work and heart into the community since we’ve moved here and this [attack] truly shook us up. We also would like to thank the NYPD and FDNY for all of their efforts to solve this crime.

What’s next?

We were cleared from the various entities to begin cleaning up.  Some folks came out this afternoon (THANK YOU) and helped us get it going. The mess was bringing/keeping us down and keeping us in the moment that we truly would like to forget. The clean up continues through the rest of the week; we’ll fill the dumpster that’s due on Thursday and hopefully be able to finish the majority of the work by Friday afternoon.  Friday evening we’ll fire up the grill. VOLUNTEERS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED DURING THIS TIME!  Even if you drop by some refreshments or gloves or masks or even HD garbage bags for those who are working in the mess.  

Are you accepting donations?

At this point in time, we haven’t fully flushed that out.  We have had folks offer to help us crowdsource (or crowdfund?) and we’ve barely been able to have the conversation to get that going. Bread Love would gladly welcome support in that vein.

How soon will you reopen?

Those molasses latte, ginger scone and chocolate banana bread cravings are for real. :)  But seriously, it’s hard to tell.  We will keep you posted. We have even tossed around the idea of a pop-up shop somewhere in the neighborhood.  Bread Love will definitely continue to appear at the Summer Market on Lewis Avenue (Saturdays) as soon and as often as possible.

What happened to…?

Most of our staff have moved on… another great Bread Love loss… but NYC bills are REAL and DEMAND to be paid.  Thank you Diata, Ali-Yah, Jordan, Anthony, Michael, Shawn, Kenny, Chrissy, Denetia, Oliver and the countless other folks who helped to make Bread Love special.  Bread Love can only hope to reconnect with you in the future.




Goodbye #polarvortex … here comes LoveSpring!

Well! This weather has been brutal… huh, guys? The greenhouse has weathered the myriad of storms with only a little bit of minor damage. It stays nice and warm on these seemingly neverending winter days.  Mr Porter has rolled out some more green carpet for the people to encourage the springtime feel.

we love compost

Bread Lovelies are looking forward to spring planting, clean up (not so much) & gardening in the yard. Our aquaponics unit is almost ready for planting as well. We plan on re-establishing our compost area as well. Speaking of compost, a couple of neighbors have approached us about collecting fruit & veggie scraps, coffee grounds, etc for use in their own gardens… IF this is of any interest to any of you gardeners, please feel free to come by and we can arrange for this to happen.  (You will need to provide a closed container with your contact info and pick it up regularly.)

our first batch of fishbubble guppies & goldie

the nitty gritty of the unit...

the nitty gritty of the unit…

Speaking of spring, it’s spring break time for the kiddies or at least it is for ours (yay?!)… so we decided to throw a bit of a garden party. LoveSpring! A little music, some gardening activity to entertain the wee ones and a few of our local food artisans sampling some of their wares. Stop by for brunch and mix and mingle! Festivities shall begin about 1230pm on Saturday, March 22nd. 

In other news… Bread Love is on grubhub, foursquare and dealsnapt. Check out our deals… Our 1 year anniversary is coming up quick!  Stay tuned for the details… We’ll be having a party in May.